Saturday, November 7, 2009

Welcome :)

Hey guys,

This is new for me... my first blog, haha. So i'm going to try and be consistant!
Basically I thought I would start a blog just to vent any thoughts/things that are going on in my life... I don't expect many people to subscribe or any people at all.. this is just for me I guess, and people who can relate...

Soooooo who am I?

Well my name is Regina, I have just recently turned 21.. I have lived in Brisbane, Australia pretty much my whole life, and by the looks of it thats where I will probably stay.. although I have dreams alot bigger than here. I have a massive family, but often feel like an only child. I often feel like not alot of people get me... so im hoping there are alot of people who can relate lol... otherwise I might just be crazy.

Anyways feel free to post comments/questions, and i'll happily reply.

On to my next post....

Gin x